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In year 5, we have lots of opportunities for the children in and out of the classroom. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some of the exciting things we have planned alongside the topics we will be covering this year, in order for us to work together to best support your child.

Trips: We have many trips planned over the course of the year. Some trips coming up this term are; The Imperial War Museum, visit to Victoria Park Cenotaph following by an enquiry visit at Widnes Library, and a visit to Fiddlers Ferry. After Christmas, we will be going on our overnight residential to Robin Wood. All trips planned throughout the course of the year will enhance your child’s knowledge and understanding of topics we are covering and enhance their cultural capital.

Topics: This term in history we are studying World War Two in and its impact on Britain, focusing particularly on the North West of England and our locality. Alongside this topic, we are reading Adolphus Tips by Michael Morpurgo, which we are using as a stimulus for reading and writing so that both historical knowledge, key vocabulary and writing skills can all be encompassed during literacy lessons. After half term, we will move onto study the rainforest and will be reading The Explorer by Katherine Rundell. During science lessons, we are currently starting our heart and digestive system topic and will be moving onto habitats after half term. In RE, we are studying Islam and looking at where people can find guidance throughout life. In ICT, we are looking at digital literacy and how to be a youtuber and last but not least, in art we are studying graphic portraits by Mark Powell.

Reading: Reading is a very important subject in year 5 and this forms the foundation for all other learning to be built upon. Reading records will be checked every Friday morning and the expectation is that pupils read a minimum of 3 times per week. We also have the opportunity for the class to visit the school library on a weekly basis to change their books and explore other texts alongside learning how the library system works.

Homework: Homework will be given on a weekly basis and will go out every Thursday and will be due in the following Wednesday, this gives children who have commitments out of school to fit their homework around such extra commitments and out of school activities. Homework will generally consist a piece of maths work to consolidate learning from the week and spellings to practise ready for our weekly spelling test which will be every Tuesday.

PE: Year 5 have the opportunity to take part in a weekly swimming lesson, which will run every Monday. We also have a second PE session which will take place every Wednesday afternoon.

Miss Smith