Welcome to our class page

About the class teacher

Hello and welcome to Year 5’s class website page. Here you will find a bit about me along with any important information to help you throughout the year. This is my third year at Moorfield and I have worked in Year 5 for 5 years now- it is certainly my favourite year group. This year we have lots of exciting topics planned in which we will share with you below.

PE day

Our PE day is on a Thursday, please come into school in your full PE kit and all black trainers.

Expectations for reading at home

The expectation for reading at home in Year 5 is a minimum of 3 times per week. I check reading records every week and look closely at home many pages children are reading at home.

History/Geography topic for term

This term, we will be studying the Vikings during history and geography. We will look closely at where the Vikings originated from, why the Vikings invaded Britain and where the Vikings settled. We will look closely at how the Vikings invaded and settled within our locality and focus on how Widnes got its name. The book we will be studying during our reading and writing sessions as part of this topic is Viking Boy by Tony Bradman. We will also use the book Viking Long Ship by Mick Manning as part of our topic lessons. Please take a look at our topic knowledge organiser below.


Science topic

This term in Science we will be focusing on forces. We will look closely at the work of Isaac Newton and how he was an influential scientist. We are going to look closely at forces such as gravity, weight and air resistance whilst working scientifically to explore all concepts. During this unit, the children will learn to independently plan and carry out their own experiments focusing on how to carry out an experiment fairly, we will also be completing a number of science enrichment activities to further stretch and challenge our keen scientists. Please take a look at our science knowledge organiser below.

Homework days- SPAG/Reading/Maths

Each week I will give out reciprocal reading, spelling, and grammar and maths homework. Reciprocal reading homework will go out on a Monday and will be due in the following Friday. Spelling, grammar and maths homework will go out every Wednesday and will be due on the following Wednesday.


I would just like to say how proud I am of our current Year 5’s and how well they have settled into school again after such a long time off- keep up the hard work Year 5!



Miss Smith