Summer Term – Knowledge Organiser

We are getting ready for an exciting Summer term! Year 1/2 will be looking at a variety of different topics and continue to grow our brains.

In Geography, the children in our class will be learning all about the seaside. We will be identifying and comparing the differences between human and physical geography. We will also be learning about different features of the seaside and locations. The children will be using atlases and maps to support their understanding. We would’ve liked to have gone to beach, however, please feel free if you visit to share photos with us. 

 In Science, we are learning about animals their needs. We will be looking at different types of animals and how their needs differ. Children will be learning about different life cycles and how humans stay healthy. Can you spot any animal offspring?

In Art, we will be getting creative and looking at another fantastic artist – Raoul Dufy. We will be learning about him an artist. The children will be discussing what makes his work different from other artists we have looked at this year. We will be recreating one of his famous paintings: The Bay of Angels. To do this, we will be experimenting with paints. 

In RE, we will be learning all about Judaism.

We will be very busy this term making the most of being back in the classroom! Get your engines ready…


Miss. Myers

Mrs Caswell