Poetry Haikus

The children have been enjoying reading these poems from the excellent Malorie Blackman book, Cloud Busting. They are really fun. I'll let Malorie explain:

A mere three lines long
Just seventeen syllables
Simple, pimple - right?

Three lines made up of
Words which are five syllables
Then seven, then five.

Here are some of the children's:

Jemma / Cian:

We drank hot chocolate,
Through the day we did fun stuff,
We had a nice sleep.

Isabelle / Owen:

We ate marshmellows,
They were pink and white and soft,
Hot from the fire.


We ate some pancakes,
With our camping teacher,
Our day was awesome.

Winnie / Marianne

I smell hot chocolate,
Feel the soft breeze on my head,
I had a bad sleep.

Any child that brings their own Haiku to school on Monday gets two Dojo points.

Mrs Cooke