Welcome back to our new school year!

I am looking forward to teaching you. I know it is going to be an exciting one with lots of new learning and exciting activities to do!

Class Information


At Moorfield, we are committed to raising standards in reading to give your child the best possible life chances. To this end, children are expected to read five times a week at home and their reading diary should be signed.

Reading the whole book at least twice will help your child practise their reading and help them build confidence, fluency and pace. When they have read the book twice, please encourage them to put it in the basket for changing.

Children are once again working for their Reading Owl Badges.

To achieve this they need to have read:

25 times for Bronze

30 times for Silver

35 times for Gold

Last Year many of the children were thrilled to receive their owls in recognition of their and your efforts!


Our PE days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Please can you make sure your child’s PE kit is kept in school at all times and are clearly labelled with their name to prevent loses.

Earrings must be removed for PE, so you may consider removing them on PE days as your child needs to remove them for themselves.

Kits will be sent home at the end of each half term for washing.


Our topic this term is ‘No Place Like Home’ so we will be learning the history and geography of our local area. The children have already been learning about ‘Physical and Human features’ and directional language. Ask them about their learning this will help them to consolidate it and impress you with their understanding.

Also if you could help them learn their address.

Mrs Caswell