At Moorfield we encourage all pupils to enjoy school sport and to develop healthy lifestyles.

We have a good sporting history that we are very proud of; we regularly take part in the many traditional school sport competitions as well as trying our hand at new ones too.  There is a variety of after-school clubs available for all children of all ages: infant agility, boys / girls rugby, boys / girls football, boys / girls cricket, dance, gymnastics, and judo to name a few. We also have teams that compete in competition both in school in House Teams, and also representing the school teams in inter-school competition.

Inter-School sport 2015-16 highlights:

Boys Football League Winners

Girls Football ~ x1 tournament win, x3 tournaments runner-up

Town Sports x4 individual winners ~ Y3 Girls’ 60m Sprint, Y5 Girls’ 80m Sprint, Y5/6 Girls’ Throw, Y5/6 Boys’ Throw

Boys Cricket Widnes Champions

Boys Cricket County Finalists – Round of 8 runner-up

Girls Cricket 3rd place

Mini-Red Tennis runner-up

Boys Rugby winners

Boys Rugby x3 individuals selected for Town Team

Boys Rugby Tournament runner-up

Girls Cross Country ~ Y5 individual 1st and 2nd places


Inter-School sport 2014-15 highlights:

Boys Football League Winners

Cross Country Winners

Hockey Sticks Winners (represented Halton in Merseyside Youth Games)

Boys Cricket runners-up

Girls Cricket runners-up

Mini-Red Tennis 3rd place

We would like to congratulate all of the children who have achieved medals in their chosen sport outside of school. It’s a magnificent achievement and we are all very proud of you!