School Council

Pupils are elected to the School Council by their class mates. The School Council plays an important role in listening to the pupil voice.

They are three key functions:

  1. To debate issues that affect the pupils of the school.
  2. To oversee school improvement projects suggested by the pupils.
  3. To make a positive impact beyond the life of the school by helping others.

The School Council is made up of two elected class representatives (one girl / one boy) from every class from Year 2 upwards, supplemented by the Head / Deputy Girl & Boy. This group will then elect a Chair and a Secretary to oversee meetings, supported by the Headteacher. The School Council meets regularly not less than once per half term.

School Council 2017-2018

The first meeting of the year dealt with the expectations of a council member. The children explained their reasons for joining and what they hoped to achieve.   They worked together to generate questions and a welcome for the school’s Erasmus visitors.

The group looked at the Speaker’s School Council award website for ideas on a collective project. Ideas included:

  • Confidence groups helping children to settle in or form friendships.
  • Having a child to approach rather than an adult if someone is hurt or upset for whatever reason.

The children sifted through the completed questionnaires and collated the responses using a tally system.  The findings were positive for the well-being of the children of Moorfield but some issues were raised, namely arguments over football and children not reporting incidents until they get home.

Two of the Year 6 council members helped to re-word a section of the safeguarding policy. This contribution will go towards the Moorfield Safeguarding Policy for children. The whole council had a general discussion on safety around school and the correct procedures to follow if they saw, heard or felt, in any way, in danger.

The school council ran the Fair trade shop during break times for a week from the 27th February. They were involved in planning the shop’s operation including a rota for the classes and which councillors will work the shop and when. The shop sold out completely and earned 10% of takings to go towards a school project.

The school council have been responsible for reading items in the Moorfield suggestion box and feeding back to the children. Members of the council addressed some of the issues raised during assembly on 28th March 2018.



School Council Members 2017-2018