Learning to keep yourself safe is an important part of growing up. This page contains information about staying safe with links to find out much more.

The art of staying safe is, FIRST: learning about safety, SECOND: asking lots of questions in finding things out, and THIRD: telling an adult you trust when you are worried or something is going wrong.


Do you know your Green Cross Code?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is important, so we encourage as many of you to walk to school as possible. Please read here to learn your Green Cross Code.


Want to stay safe on your bike?

Cycling or scootering to school is not only fun, it is healthy too. However there are many dangers, so learn how to stay safe by cycling and scootering safely.


Worried about a bully?

If you are worried at school or think you are being bullied (at home or at school) you should tell an adult at school that you trust; you can trust them and they will be able to help. You can also get some advice here too by Asking Sam.


Think you have a problem at home and want to know what to do?

Problems occur at home and at school. The first thing to do when you have a problem is to talk to someone you trust. You can speak to any adult at school and they will listen, otherwise phone Childline for free, they love to help.