We like to reward children for their efforts at school. We do this in a variety of ways but if you have any more ideas then please pass them to the School Council for discussion.

Here are some of the ways children are currently rewarded:

  • stickers
  • do-jos (house points that lead to bronze / silver / gold badges)
  • praise cards
  • golden ticket (invitation to a Tea Party)
  • golden box
  • attendance award (vouchers / 100% badge / 100% attenders trip to the Bowling Alley)
  • jobs of responsibility
  • privileged opportunities to work with outside visitors

September 2017

Praise Card Winners – Alisha Kamran, William Trow, James Hensley, Ciara O’Neill, Lucas Maher, George Lawrenson, Emily Hunt, Ollie Cooper, Grace Quinn, Ella Vyse, Connor Simons, Faye Garnett, Isabella Twigg, Crystal Baker, Sam Jones, Aimee Rooney.

Golden Ticket Winners – Evan Williams, George O’Neil, Alicia Wright, Amber Duffy, Thomas Hunt, Ava Davies, Louie O’Connor-Scott, Lucy Wakefield.

December 2017

Praise Card Winners – Nevah Paffvett, Penny Aston, Izabelle Cartledge, Miles Flynn, Luke Farrar, Evie-Rose Rathbone, Max Price, Matthew Giles, Jenson Fillingham, Millie Ogden, Ollie Cooper, Libby O’Dell, Hannah Robinson, Daisy Hall, Hannah Bywater, Charlie Rigby, Kaitlyn Condron, Liam Heyes, Jemma Lee, Holly Malone, Sophie Hodson, George Andrews.

Golden Ticket Winners – Daisy Linaker, Perry Hall, Averie Lamberth, Alex Sheehy, Thomas Yates, Maisie Myers, Aimie Price, Amy Ditchfield, Fraser Dodd, Catherine Ormond, Sky Murray-Dean.

Athlete of the Month – Owen Jones

January 2018

Praise Card Winners – Sofia Mavers, Violet Williams, Francis Carney, Gabriella Tran, Grace Thomas-Roberts, L’talia Humphries, Keira Wright, Daisy Wych, Oliver Giles, Zach Ogburn, Amelia Smith, Sam Harvey, Zack McClory, Theo Earnshaw, Cian Winstanley, Amy McMahon, Lewis Rothwell, Amy Parker-McNicholas, Jack Campbell, Aaron Fitzpatrick, Jessie McLean, James McMahon.

Golden Ticket Winners – Jacob Case, Alex Dobson, Lewis McClory, Halle Jackson, Daniel McKeown, Ruby O’Connor-Scott, Holly Doyle, Katie Antrobus, Izzy Shepherd, Caitlin Yates, Kaci-Lea  Harrison.

Athlete of the Month – Grace Pugh-Jones

February 2018

Praise Card Winners – Ollie Bazley, Izzy Holland, Ava Woodward, Reggie Wilson, Summer Otty, Libby Joyce, Jamie Ogburn-Bromley, Annabelle Morris, Eden Worth, Phoebe Giles, Eilah Rouski-Hall, Maggie McLean, Lexie McDonald, Millie Andrews, Sophie Atkinson, Jemma Lee, Olivia Douglas, Nathan Percival, Alfie Holland, Lucy McWhinnie, Olivia Mason, Zach O’Dell.

Golden Ticket Winners – Matilda Martin, Beth Hensley, Pixie Waller, Ethan Godfrey, Lloyd Williams, Jamie Rushworth, Mason Branigan, Olivia McKeon, Joe Gilhooley, Isabella Twigg, Jessice Antrobus.

Athlete of the Month  – Olivia Mason

March 2018

Praise Card Winners – Esme Brennan, Grace Burgess, Arrietty Catteral, Charlie Crimp, James Rigby, John Owen, Lilli-Rose Chadwick, Ethan Locke, Harry Fitzpatrick, Ellie Pierce, Joe Leadbetter, Aaron Ly, Emily Mihoc, Holly Snape, Ella Vyse, Isaac Eyo, Toby Hall, Faye Garnett, Analisa Liku, William Slinn, Logan Walsh, Mason Birmingham.

Golden Ticket Winners – Joseph Cann, Grace Clarke, Hadley Vyse, Lily Barr, Tom Chamberlain, Thomas Henshaw, Bobby Short, Amy Ditchfield, Emma Whitfield, George Atkinson, Fay Pierce.

Athelete of the Month – Grace Quinn, Amy McMahon, Jack Campbell (Cross Country)

April 2018

Praise Card Winners – Penny Aston, Oscar McGinty, Jessica Brennan, Paulie Geddes, Katherine Hull, Pixie Waller, Oscar McDowell, Calvin Edge, Ava Adams-Durbin, Sophie Malone, Amber Duffy, Parker Brown, Max Vose, Cejay Baker, Lacey Foster, Sophie Hawthorne, Joe Shepard, Molly D’Arcy, Caitlin Dalgleish, Isabelle Barnes, Millie Sutton, Oliver Myers.

Golden Ticket Winners – Nevaeh Paffvett, Izabelle Cartledge, Alana O’Neil, Alysse Cavanagh, Callum Rawlinson, Dawan Ahmadi, Ella Cooney, Sofia Kenny, Jamie Parr, Oliver Chance, Hannah Martin.

June 2018

Praise Card Winners – Henry Smith, Petro Moldovan, Ava Harris, Mollie Johnson, Lenny Wilson, Sherry-Pearl Locke, Luke Brocklehurst, Caden Percival, Emily Caldwell, Thomas Wych, Emily Hunt, Joe Leadbetter, Bobby Short, Theo Earnshaw, Charlie Rigby, Riley Leach, Clayton Barlow, Alex Skitt, Kaitlyn Condron, Thomas Snape, Hannah Picton, Billy Durbin.

Golden Ticket Winners – Hollie Rawlinson, Miles Flynn, Cayden Cosgrove, George O’Neil, Ciara O’Neill, Libby O’Dell, George Lawrenson, Sophie Smith, Cian Brown, Cerys Price, Annabel Doyle.

July 2018

Praise Card Winners – Daniel Jones, Kayla Unsworth, Henry Smith, Daisy Linaker, Heidi Lynch, Ellis Dearden, Grace Whitfield, Alysse Cavanagh, Harry Linaker, Isabel Lane, Jamie Rushworth, Ollie Cooper, Cejay Baker, Holly Doyle, William Argent, Grace Quinn, Emma Whitfield, Holly Malone, Aaron Albiston, Owen Jones, Aimee Rooney, Daniel Tague.

Golden Ticket Winners – Gabriella Tran, Tulia Dutton, Isabelle Douglas, Lenny Wilson, Calvin Edge, Eden Worth, Aron Ly, Hannah Robinson, Grace Pugh-Jones, Olivia Douglas, Marianne Owen, Owen Edge.