Charity Work

We are all very lucky to live in a rich part of the world and come to a great school. We want you to appreciate everything that you have and to understand the importance of helping others less fortunate than us. Charity plays an important part in growing up and showing compassion. The children happily arrange lots of different activities throughout the year designed to not only help ourselves, but more importantly to help others. You can give your ideas and suggestions to the School Council at anytime.

Three performances of ‘Christmas with the Aliens’ raised £280.23 for our sponsored child Punita Kuman Ram.

Selling Christmas Beenies for Halton Haven Hospice.

The sale of poppies for Remembrance Week.

Read how we have helped Halton Haven Hospice.

PTA MacMillan Cancer coffee afternoon raised over A?225.

The charities we have supported recently include:

One of the main charity events is the end of year Charity Day – Year 6 pack out the infant playground with carnival stalls for an afternoon’s fun and enjoyment whilst raising money for their named charity. This is a hugely popular event and one the children very much look forward to.