The best learning starts with good behaviour


You will often hear teachers asking for ‘golden sitting’ or ‘golden listening’. So we can give you the best lessons with lots of fun, in return we expect to see good attention from all pupils. Good behaviour demonstrates you are showing respect and is rewarded with lots of praise, huge amounts of trust, and even more great opportunities.

Behaviour is measured using a traffic light system. It’s a strange system because it works upside down – red is poor behaviour, amber is not so good behaviour, and green is good behaviour. At Moorfield you can go higher than green, we have silver for great behaviour and gold for consistently great behaviour. We want everyone to have golden behaviour because it leads to more fun for everyone.

We have a pupil Code of Conduct that was designed by our School Council and democratically agreed by the whole school; please read it and follow it!

SSE (Fiddlers Ferry) generously supported the children’s efforts to improve the outdoor playtime experience with the installation of two giant outdoor chess sets.