Moorfield Primary School Safeguarding Statement

 Moorfield Primary School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expects all staff and visitors to share this commitment.

What should I do if I have a concern?

We expect parents / carers to match the school’s commitment to Safeguarding. If you are concerned about the welfare or safety of any child, whether they are yours or not, you should contact school immediately to raise your concerns. Areas of concern may include for example physical abuse, neglect, emotional / psychological abuse, or sexual abuse – this would include safety, bullying, radicalisation and domestic violence.

You should raise your concerns to:

Miss K Heyes ( Headteacher), Senior Designated Person for Safeguarding

Mrs L Blundell  (Deputy Head), Deputy Designated Person for Safeguarding

Mr M Dodd (Chair of Governors), for concerns regarding the Headteacher’s conduct

What can I expect from the school if they have concerns?

When concerns are raised the school is likely to begin by asking the parents / carers of the child questions. This is standard procedure and something that we must do; the school will challenge responses to ensure that the child is not at risk. We ask all parents / carers to understand our obligation and to respect our work in keeping all children and young people free from harm. From there the Senior Designated Person for Safeguarding will assess the evidence gathered before deciding what to do next and whether other agencies need to be informed.

In more serious cases where somebody blows the whistle, the school will follow its policy and procedures in informing the Local Authority and involving other their designated safeguarding personnel.

If require more help please visit the NSPCC.

Concerned about bullying?

Concerned about domestic violence?

Concerned about Terrorism?

Parents have a responsibility not only to keep their children safe when using the internet or communicating electronically, but also to teach them about keeping themselves and others safe. It is important that all parents are aware that schools can report parents for neglect in cases where children play inappropriate computer games such as for example Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. You can learn how to teach your child how to stay safe online here.

Learn how to keep you child safe in the sun.

Child sexual exploitation can be hard to detect and abusers are very clever in their manipulation. Some young people won’t even be aware that it is happening to them. It’s not easy to know what our children are up to or if anything is bothering them, but any combination of tell-tale signs is a strong indicator that something is wrong and you should get help. For more information on the signs visit

Operation Encompass is a Police-led initiative to help us better support any child where a domestic incident has been reported to the police from their home.