Moorfield Primary has an active Parent Teacher Association (PTA) that works tirelessly in providing a series of events and support across the whole year. This body of dedicated parents / carers give up their time freely in supporting he work of the school in providing excellence and enjoyment opportunities in many different forms.

If you would like to join the PTA then please contact the School Office 0151 424 3108 for assistance.

Please take a look at their Facebook page and Twitter feed to gather more information.

10 Reasons Why We Need Your Help!

When your child entered Moorfield Primary School in Reception, you automatically became a member of the PTA your voice and opinion matters!

As children leave the school in Year 6, the parents also leave the school and we depend on a continuous cycle of parent involvement to keep the PTA going. We are supported by Miss Heyes and all of the teaching staff but we need your help! Without your help we have no active PTA  WE REALLLY DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

None of our members is a specialist in fundraising; we are all parents just trying to help raise money to provide a better learning environment for the children. Some are full-time parents, others work full-time or part-time. We are a mixture of parents who have come together for the benefit of Moorfield Primary School and its pupils.

Below is a list of 10 reasons why joining the PTA will improve your child’s experience of school.

1. You are vital to the success of the school

Over the last few years the PTA has paid for the playground markings in the Infant playground, contributed to the cost of the outdoor playground equipment in the Junior playground, purchased iPads, a music system for the hall and books to name just a few. Without the funds raised by the PTA it may not have been possible to purchase these items.

2. It is totally flexible!

You don’t have to commit to a certain amount of time to help the PTA; it can fit in around your normal day to day routine. Maybe you are good on computers and can design posters and type letters or perhaps you could spare some time to come into school and photocopy letters and distribute to the classes. Any help received at events is invaluable and always appreciated.

You don’t have to attend the meetings just pass on your comments / ideas to be discussed.

3. You’ll feel more connected

You will have more knowledge of events / activities that are taking place. You will be able to put forward new fundraising suggestions and have your say and be able to offer your help and support.

It will also build closer relationships between yourself and the teaching and support staff.

4. You’ll be part of a great network

Every PTA meeting and event gives you the opportunity to get together with a like-minded group of people working together to achieve the same goal of fundraising to provide additional resources for your children. It also gives you the chance to forge new friendships and be part of a community.

5. Make a difference

Do you have any skills that can be used at PTA events? Maybe you can sew or knit, perhaps you’re good at woodwork; maybe you’re a computer expert, whatever it is, it will be for a noble cause!

6. We’re not just for mums!

Don’t think that only mums can join the PTA! It is important to our PTA, the school and the pupils, that dads are represented too! Dads regularly attend and help out at our events.

Are you a dad with any free time or a skill that could be useful?

7. Be a role model

Being involved with the PTA will show your child that you are interested in their education and want to be a part of it as well as supporting them on their path of educational discovery. Your children will also see you around school and at events playing an active part in the PTA and its fundraising.

Getting involved exhibits good teamwork and community spirit.

8. What the PTA does affects every parent (and pupil)

The PTA is made up of parents who represent you! Your voice matters, make it loud!

A lot of hard work goes into the PTA events from the idea stage right through to the day of the event. The smiles on the children’s faces make all of the effort worth it when they see that you have played a part in it.

9. It is fun!

Help brainstorm and plan fun events including discos, quiz nights, fairs, summer fun days and help the PTA think of new ideas. The whole family can be involved!

10. Create lasting memories for the children

In Reception it feels like the children will be in school for a very long time but in reality it is a relatively short period of time in their life. Events that the PTA hold such as school discos, Christmas and Summer Fairs provide ever lasting memories that your child can remember fondly for a long time.

Help us to continue creating lasting memories for your child!