At Moorfield Primary School, we operate a cashless system for school meals and snack. When your child starts at Moorfield, he/she will not require a SchoolComms account as he/she will be entitled to a Universal Free School Meal (UIFSM) and in Reception classes, all snack is provided by the class teacher and this is to whom you will pay snack money. However, when your child moves up into Year 1, you will need an SchoolComms account for your child’s snack, although your child will still be entitled to UIFSM. From Year 3 onwards, unless your child is entitled to a benefits related FSM, you will be required to pay for school meals. Therefore it is advisable to set up your SchoolComms account as your child moves up into Year 1. You will be issued, at the appropriate time, with a letter which will give instructions on how to set up your online account. You need to ensure that you keep the school office updated with your mobile telephone number and your email address. You need to provide both to SchoolComms when setting up your account and they need to correspond with the information held on school’s system. Visit the website for more information: and click on New User.