Year 6

Dear Parents and Carers,

In order to continue the fantastic progress your child has made in year six this year we have put together a home learning pack.

This pack contains the equivalent amount of work we would expect them to complete in school each week.

For mathematics, there is a daily arithmetic session, followed by some independent practise of skills which have already been covered in KS2.  Children should aim to spend around 40 minutes a day either working on the home learning pack or the maths revision pack. Children should access their Times Table Rock Stars account each day and spend 10 minutes practising their times tables.

For reading, we have prepared a daily comprehension activity which should take around half an hour, and a longer weekly comprehension test, which should take 1 hour.  In addition, it is imperative that your child keeps up with their daily reading, to be recorded in their reading diaries.  This is essential to ensure they maintain the high levels of reading speed and fluency which they have developed this year.

Children will be bringing home their Read, Write Inc spelling book.  They should spend 20 minutes working through the activities in this book, continuing from the last completed activity.  The children are very familiar with these sessions and understand the structure of the activities, although they may need you to test them on some words or dictate sentences for them.

A pack of punctuation and grammar activities is also included and children should aim to spend around 30 minutes daily working through these.

Additionally, we have included a range of writing tasks for children to complete daily using their year 6 tick list (which children are familiar with).  There are also science reading and assessment sheets and a science shadow puppet task for children to work on.

The school website now has a ‘Home Learning’ section which has other resources and websites for your children to access. Under the Year 6 section, there will be a ‘SATs Organiser’ for additional worksheets and questions (including links to relevant YouTube videos to explain methods) the password to access this is: hexagon6.

If you are unsure of anything your child has been asked to do, please refer to the method sheets and ‘Year 6 Parent’s Booklet’ which have been enclosed.

Please keep an eye on school’s social media and the website in the coming weeks for communication.

Thank you for your continued support.

Stay safe, stay well,

Year 6 Teachers


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Download the app “BorrowBox” to enable you to borrow e-books from your local library.  Log in with your library card number and pincode and you can borrow up to 6 books at a time.



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