School Linking

Erasmus Project 2016 – 2019

As part of the European School’s Erasmus + project Moorfield Primary School, along with four other schools from across Europe (Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal) have been working in partnership to promote manual skills in schools.

The project was introduced with a trip to Italy in October 2016, in which two of our teachers visited a number of Italian schools -including our Italian partnership school ‘Instituto Comprehensivo’ – to establish objectives for the 3 year manual skills project.

During November 2017, our partnership school colleagues visited Moorfield to explore how we had implemented manual skills as well as to meet the other teachers and children involved. All children were given the opportunity to interview the teachers to learn about their culture, schools and project outcomes.

Our project is still ongoing and will continue until July 2019, for more information on our projects please visit the following blog address  or our school library.

Connecting Classrooms 2015-2018

Moorfield Primary School is the lead of a cluster of six English and South African schools collaborating on an arts project that will promote – Moorfield, St Bede’s and Astmoor (Halton), and Shukumani, Entshonolanga, and Mashemong (Tembisa). This shared project will stimulate communication, reflection and aspirations whilst building pupils’ independence and resilience. The development of key global themes will be central to the project work in developing young people as global citizens of the future.

Visit 1: Halton schools visited their Tembisa partner schools (March 2015)