Plans for Re-opening School in September

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Dear Parents and Carers

I hope this letter finds you all well in these very strange and challenging times. As planned, ALL pupils will be returning to school on the 3rd September ready for the new academic year and we are very much looking forward to welcoming all of our children back to Moorfield

Since school was forced to close to the majority of children in March, there has been a lot for you all to cope with and we understand that the extended absence for many children will mean that they may be more anxious than usual about coming back. I want to reassure you all that we have worked very hard to ensure that the well-being of all children is our first priority in September. Teachers and support staff will be very sensitive to individual needs and will use our first Wellbeing topic to address some of the experiences and feelings that children may have.

I apologise that this letter may be longer than usual, but there is a lot of important information to share with you before September. I urge you to read it carefully and take note of the details within it so that everybody can work together to ensure the term begins smoothly.

As you will be aware the government have provided new guidelines for the full reopening of schools and having used these to carry out stringent risk assessments, we have implemented protocols and procedures to protect children, staff and parents/carers by providing a Covid secure environment, reducing the risk of transmission of Covid-19. I know that some children and parents will be anxious about returning and this is understandable. However, please rest assured that those children (up to 120 children) who attended school in June overcame these anxieties quickly , benefitting from the routine and structure that school provides, They very much enjoyed  their learning and being with their peers and friends.

Please see below for updated information (some of which was sent out in July) on how the school will be organised. Please read it carefully and take note of the details within it so that everybody can work together to ensure the term begins smoothly.


School attendance will be mandatory again from the beginning of the autumn term for all children unless they are unable to attend for health reasons in line with the government guidance on pupils who are shielding or self-isolating. We will continue to monitor attendance and will ring up each day if your child is absent and we have had no communication from you.

From the 3rd  September, the usual rules on school attendance will apply, including:

  • parents’ duty to secure that their child attends regularly at school where the child is a registered pupil at school and they are of compulsory school age;
  • schools’ responsibilities to record attendance and follow up absence;
  • the availability to issue sanctions, including fixed penalty notices in line with local authorities’ codes of conduct
  • Term dates are available on our website. May I remind parents/carers that we are not able to authorise term-time holidays unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • If there are specific circumstances preventing your child from returning to school, please contact the school. There will be no home learning for children unless they are self-isolating or shielding due to medical advice. The school will require written evidence with regard to any child shielding or self-isolating.

Controlling the infection

The school will be implementing the following measures in line with government guidance to reduce the risk of transmission.

Ensuring that people who are ill stay at home

  • Regular handwashing
  • Enhanced cleaning
  • Active engagement with NHS test and trace
  • Reduced contact between bubble at all times

Children must not attend the school if they display any coronavirus symptoms. In this situation, the school will only allow the child to return if they either have a negative test or have self-isolated in line with government guidelines. Children must not attend the school if a member of their household displays any coronavirus symptoms. In this situation, the school will only allow the child to return if the member of the household has a negative test or your child has self-isolated in line with government guidelines

In both cases it is the duty of the parent or carer to get their child or the member of their household tested and to inform the school about the symptoms and provide the proof of a negative or positive test. This will allow the school to protect others in the school community.

  • We would appreciate you practising full hand washing technique with your children, though we will go over this when they return too. The benefit of doing this at home first is that you can support them closely with this in preparation. This is a video that will support you:

Safety Procedures

  • As far as possible, we will keep children within their own bubbles to reduce the amount of contact they have with others. They will work, play and have lunch together and be socially distanced from other classes outside their bubble.  There will be five bubbles to allow us to operate our maths and English curriculum effectively. During the morning, children will be taught in ability sets. This will mean some children will have a different teacher, for their English and maths lessons, than their class teacher: Bubble 1- EYFS; Bubble 2 -Year 1 and Year 2; Bubble 3-Year 3 and Year 4; Bubble 4- Year 5 and Bubble 5- Year 6.
  • From September, the children in each class will not have to socially distance from each other and they will be able to share a limited amount of learning equipment. The children will be seated facing forward in the classroom, rather than in groups. This may be a little strange at first, but staff will reassure them and give support where necessary.

Other safety measures

  • In addition to the above here are some of the things we will do in school to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible:
  • Regular and frequent handwashing and use of hand sanitiser will be encouraged in school for pupils and staff. There will be hand sanitising stations at all entrance points and teachers will continue to ensure that regular hand washing takes place – particularly after transition points in the day.
  • Extra cleaning will take place throughout the day.
  • Your child will be encouraged to look after their own workspace and equipment.
  • The children will have their own resources to work with whenever possible.

Any items they have to share e.g. large construction in Reception will be cleaned regularly.

  • There will be no gatherings in the hall for assemblies or singing.
  • The number of adults the children come into contact with will be limited 


  • Due to Covid security we will need to limit the amount of things children bring to and from school. The things that they will need to bring daily will be limited to a coat, water bottle, sun hat (if hot weather), winter hat and gloves (if cold) and a packed lunch. It is important to remind children to take their water bottles and packed lunch boxes home each day. At the start of the term, the weather may be fine, so please put a long-lasting sun cream on your child before they come to school, or send in a labelled bottle of sun cream that they can apply themselves and leave in school. They will not need to bring a school bag into school at least for the first half term.

Lunchtimes and playtimes

On our return in September, we will begin by limiting the menu choices for children for the first few weeks, as we will be limited to eating in classrooms, until restrictions are relaxed for children to use the hall together. Those who wish to have a meal provided by the school and those who are in receipt of free school meals as well as those in Reception Year 1 and Year 2, please continue to order via the normal way. If you have any problems ordering please contact the school office. Children will eat in their classrooms apart from year 3 and 4 who will eat in the hall. Lunchtimes and playtimes will be organised so that children remain in their bubbles to avoid too much contact with others 

  • Snack Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, children cannot bring a snack to school. Snack can be purchased from school, as normal.


  • As well as playing outdoors, we will work outdoors as much as possible, as this is the best environment for reducing the spread of the virus. Children also love to be outdoors! An outdoor space has been allocated to each class to use during break times and lunch times. Please bear this in mind when preparing your child for the day. They need to be warm and dry, so a jumper and a waterproof coat are essential.

Communication in September,

  • There will be no access to the school for parents and carers. All queries must be made by telephone or email. We ask that if you need to speak to a member of staff you phone and make an appointment or send a message to them via the school office. We would also encourage parents and carers to make any appointments for your child outside of school hours and if this cannot happen we need to see evidence of appointments. Please ensure that your child also brings their packed lunch to school rather than you bringing it later on in the day
  • Staggered times In order to allow for social distancing between classes and adults, we will be introducing a staggered start and end to the school day. All classes will have specific entrance and exit points and drop off and pick up times. Only one parent or carer should accompany their child to school. Parents and carers will not be allowed on the school site. A member of staff will guide the children on how to enter and exit school safely, with distancing measures in place at the allotted time
  •  We will also ask that parents/carers avoid getting into conversations with teachers at these entrance and exit points .If you need to talk to a member of staff, please use email address or telephone the School Office 0151 424 3108.
  • There will be a one-way system operating at each of the entrance and exit points around the school building and we request that parents and carers leave the site quickly and avoid chatting with each other.
  • Below is a table which explains which gate the children must enter and exit through. Please note that timing is crucial to the safety of the pupils.   All gates will be sign posted to help you and staff will be available to guide you on which gate to use.)There will be no Vehicle access to Dykin Road Car Park between 8.15am – 9.15am and 2.30-3.30pm
  • You cannot collect your child from school at an earlier time than that specified for your child’s class.
  • If your child is given a hospital or unavoidable dental appointment during the school day, arrangements must be made with the school office for late admittance/ early collection. A letter or appointment card from the hospital/ dentist must be provided to the school so that appropriate safety measures can be put in place for the drop off/ collection of your child outside the designated time.

Children will not be allowed to bring bikes and scooters onto the school grounds for the foreseeable future.

Year Group Start of day drop off time Entrance and Exit gate End of day pick up time
Reception and siblings 8.40am Car park gate 3.05pm
Miss Hayes Y1 and siblings


From 8.30 and before 8.40am Car park gate 3.10pm
Mrs Taylor’s Y2 children and siblings From 8.30 and before 8.40am Car park gate 3.15pm
Y1/2 Mrs Caswell and siblings 8.35am Main gate 3.10pm
Year 6 and siblings 8.40am Main gate 3.15pm
Year 3 and siblings

No changes

8.30am Dykin Road gate 3.10pm
Year 5 and siblings 8.35am Dykin Road gate 3.05pm
Year 4 and siblings

No changes

8.40pm Dykin Road gate 3.15pm

NB times may vary for siblings: please see individual information sent out in July.

‘Funky Monkeys’ will also have a specific entrance and exit point and drop off and pick up times for those children in their care.

The times for Reception classes will be different due to their phased introduction to school and these have been sent out in a separate letter. 

Late Arrivals

Due to our new routines and organisation it is essential that your children arrives to school and are picked up on time. If you are late for arrival, then your child’s class will already have made their way into school. You will have to wait with your child until all the children in all of the classes have gone into school, then a member of staff will take your child to class. If there is more than one person late you must wait at a distance of 2m from them. Please be aware that it may take a considerable amount of time to bring the children into school as they can only enter one by one to avoid mixing the classes. You must wait with your child until they are escorted in by a member of staff.

Can we ask that you do not congregate outside the school. Member of staff will be on hand to direct you. Please make sure anyone else you ask to pick up your child knows the precise timings and the gate they need. It will also be useful for them to know the name of your child’s class teacher. Please inform the school if someone is picking up your child who is not on the usual contact list.

Travelling to school

Please can we encourage you where possible to walk to school as the spread of the virus is reduced outdoors. If you use public transport, please observe the government rules regarding wearing face coverings. We would also encourage you not to park outside or around school. We have given permission for parents to park in Moorfield Social Club car park and walk over to bring and pick up your children.


It is school’s expectation that all children, regardless of their age, follow school staff’s advice and guidance for the safety of all the school community. Exceptions may occur where a child’s additional needs do not enable them to understand the protocol that is being set and asked of them. Should a child, with or without additional needs, intentionally and/or repeatedly not comply with the appropriate expectations being set for them, their parents may be called and asked to take the child home.

Uniform, Book Bags and PE Kits

When we return in September, we will expect that all children are wearing full school uniform. Children will not need a school bag for the first term.

Children should only bring the following into school:

  • Waterproof coat with a hood children will be outside as much as possible, including on days where there is light rain.
  • Packed lunch (if relevant)
  • Water bottle – this will need to be taken home every evening and washed. Children must have their own bottle and will not have access to water fountains 
  • Tissues – this is advisable if you are able to send your child in with their own packet; however if not, we can provide some.
  • Children must not bring toys or anything else into school.
  • We are asking all KS2 children bring a pencil case to school to store their personal equipment to prevent sharing with others. The pencil case should be easy to wipe for cleaning so a plastic zipped pencil case would be required containing only : an HB pencil, fountain pen and ink cartridges (yr4-Yr6)plain rubber, small pencil sharpener and coloured pencils. This pencil case will remain in school over the half term.

PE timetable for autumn term 1: 7/9/20- 23/10/20

Class PE Day


EYFS Monday and Wednesday
Year 1 Miss Hayes Tuesday
Year 1 / 2  Mrs Caswell Tuesday
Year 2 Mrs Taylor Tuesday
Year 3 Mrs Cooke Monday
Year 3 / 4 Miss Scott Wednesday
Year 4 Miss Riley Monday
Year 5 Miss Smith Thursday
Year 6 Mrs Hunt and Mrs Rowlands Monday
Additional PE slots on a rotational basis with Mr Lynch Friday

Clothing for PE 

  • Indoor/warm weather PE kit – White School T-shirt with logo and school navy shorts (no cycling shorts). A change of socks is also required i.e. white ankle socks. Black canvas pumps.
  • Outdoor/ cold weather PE kit – Navy school hoodie with logo (available from approved supplier) and navy plain sweat-pants (available from supermarket / other outlets) and all black trainers. A change of socks is also required i.e. white ankle socks Children will not be allowed to wear jumpers and cardigans for outdoor PE lessons.

Children will be given school reading books at the beginning of term and they will be changed regularly Books will be quarantined after use before being re-circulated. Please can all school reading books, which were sent home with the children in March, be returned to school on the first day back.

Once again, thank you all for your patience and support. We hope that the information helps you to prepare as a family for your child’s return to school.  Summary parent and child protocols can be accessed below for you to refer to as quick daily reminders. Undoubtedly, we will all have to remain flexible and open to change in the coming weeks as all arrangements are subject to change  We have amazing staff who will ensure that your child is safe and happy and will ensure that they continue to receive the very best education during this pandemic. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We very much look forward to seeing you all on THURSDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER 2020!

Best wishes

K Heyes




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