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Attendance and good punctuality is an important part of a child’s education. Setting a standard expectation at primary school establishes routines, builds confidence, and lays the foundations for good learning to then take place. By attending regularly and on time children gain stability and a great sense of belonging that provides a level emotional security. Research indicates that sporadic absences from school can have a significant detrimental affect to a child’s life chances. We are passionate about giving children the best start to their school education; as parents / carers you have a duty to ensure your child attends school, so we expect all parents to share our stance.

100% attendance is rewarded annually with a trip to either Widnes Superbowl or Reel Cinema.

We ask all parents to keep school well informed of their child’s health by contacting us on the first day of absence 0151 424 3108. Absence will not be routinely authorised without genuine and valid reasons.

Where children are absent for more than one day it is important that parents / carers keep school updated with progress calls.

During periods of prolonged unauthorised absence the school may need to engage the involvement of the Education Welfare Officer or Social Services in ensuring a child’s entitlement to school.

At Moorfield Primary School we do not routinely authorise family holidays during term time.


Whole school target:

Attendance Policy