South Africa Visit

On the 5th of April, Miss Smith and Mrs Antrobus travelled all the way to South Africa to visit our partner school Shukamani, which is located in Tembisa in Johannesburg. During their time visiting our partner school, they delved into a sustainable development project linked with recycling. The purpose of the project, which will continue on, is to educate the children and communities of South Africa with the skills and knowledge of how to recycle effectively, and how to make use of goods that we would usually throw away. After much collaboration, Miss Smith and Mrs Antrobus have decided to move forward with a sustainable development project using eco bricks, a project which we will further support our school and Shukamani School. During their visit, they also had the opportunity to share best practice with the teachers from Shukamani School, Miss Smith shared Maths and Literacy strategies with Grade 5 and 6 and Mrs Antrobus shared her knowledge and understanding of the Early Years with Grace R