The Story Museum, Oxford

The class winners of our Moorfield 500 competition enjoyed their trip to Oxford to visit the Story Museum. They arrived bright and early ready for their adventure starting with the first of their many train journeys which was followed by lunch sat in the sunshine. Then it was their time at the story museum where the children were split into different groups ready for the activities. They loved stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia and sitting in the evil queen’s carriage and a few of them almost fell asleep on the gigantic bed! All of the children enjoyed dressing up and creating their own characters within a story and sitting on the throne. They were amazed when the throne correctly announced the title of the story that they were holding. They visited the shop and spent their money before a trip to McDonalds for tea and then we began our journey home. A great, tiring day was had by all and behaviour was outstanding from the whole group.